Frequently Asked Questions

I am not part of the Horsemaster Program, but I would like the experience of riding during the camp, can I ride? 
Yes, we slot in several afternoons as needed to give other campers the experience of riding.  For lots of reasons we don’t just put you on a horse and wave good-bye.  Instead it is a beginner lesson or two.  This experience will bring the Horsemaster riders out to help you have a successful ride, and perhaps you will gain some horse confidence.

What do I have to bring? 
It is always helpful for you to have your own personal riding equipment, boots, riding breeches, helmet.  We will provide the saddles, bridles, etc., and can also give you a safety helmet, but you will need to bring shoes that have a heel, like paddock boots, just not sneakers.

Do I get to ride the same horse every day?
We try to match horse and rider as long as the relationship between them, this team will stay together.

Do we ride every day?
Yes, if you choose to do so.  Mornings are the typical part of the day when it is cooler and Horsemasters ride.  All Camp Day is the horse’s day off once a week.

How many riders in a lesson? 
Not more than four.  We try to keep the numbers as low as possible so we can keep the program personalized.

Are riders grouped according to ability? 

Is there a special riding technique taught? 
Balance seat riding is a fundamental focused on for flat work.