Horsepower farm is not a new facility, it goes back the 1800’s with hand hewn beams and long wooden water troughs.  It is warm and friendly in atmosphere.  It is summer and the riding is outdoors of course.  We have at traditional fenced ring, and outdoor course, and many trails to ride on.

Our tack room will provide all that you need in the proper safety helmets to the well fitted saddle.

We can facilitate usually one or two horses that campers can bring with them to be boarded during their stay at Stone Mountain Adventures.  Some riders,  who own their own horse,  want to keep working with their partner horse.  Board is very reasonable, and separate turn out pastures are provided.

Stable management is always an important part of each day.  it may be grooming your horse, tacking up before lessons, cooling down your horse after lessons, or even helping to clean stalls some of the time.

On some of the mornings, you may have the chance to meet up with the blacksmith, or the local equine dentist.

Other days the Horsemasters riders will take trips to Penn State’s barns and equine breeding programs.